04 Dec 2021

In 2021, there was more kitchen cabinet choice than ever before to make the kitchen of your dreams come true. Surprisingly, we saw a mixture of traditional and modern styles appear in kitchen cabinets. While white, light, and sparkle still remain popular among kitchen decorating trends, many opt for modern, even industrial kitchen cabinets like open shelving or glass doors. And, all these trends have been seen in cabinet fabrication.

This article shares some of the unusual kitchen cabinet trends observed in 2021 and that can be seen in the coming year! So, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen in the coming year and looking for ideas, this article is for you!

5 Unusual Kitchen Cabinet Trends

In short, when it comes to renovation projects, no one is satisfied with “contractor” style kitchen cabinets, not even those who lean more on the “functional kitchen” side.

Transitional or Fusional Style Kitchen Cabinets

The transitional style is the fusion of old and new designs, which involves updating a more traditional kitchen style by incorporating modern pieces.

For example, transitional style kitchen cabinets to which we have added modern hardware, copper or brass handles, or a kitchen with Shaker cabinets combined with open frame cabinets or shelves. This is a great way to keep the traditional style of your kitchen, if that suits you, without looking old-fashioned.

Some would say that two-tone kitchen cabinets offer the best of both worlds, while others say that two-tone allows you to express your creativity and personality! Generally, two-tone kitchen cabinets are designed with white or light-colored upper cabinets paired with lower cabinets painted in dark or dark colors.

Open Shelves in Kitchen

More and more people are looking to save space in their kitchens for the sake of efficiency, so goodbye kitchen cabinet doors and welcome to industrial style kitchen shelves. Whereas we tried to hide kitchen supplies in the past, they are displayed on open shelves as decoration, especially in the farmhouse and industrial-style kitchens.

The minimalist approach to simple shelves displaying your kitchen items is perfect for small kitchens. As for the color, gray is popular because it is more subtle than it looks. It is seen as a modern color, and it subtly blends in everywhere in the house.

Open Frame Kitchen Cabinets

Halfway between open shelving and traditional cabinetry, thanks to their glass panels, open frame kitchen cabinets provide a good view of your kitchen items.

Once used to showcase fine china, the open-frame kitchen cabinet trend is used daily in 2021. This kitchen cabinet design is ideal for large, well-lit kitchens because of the illusion of space. Open amplifies the real dimension of light and bright kitchens.

Surprisingly, open frame kitchen cabinets will tend to blend in with one style or the other, depending on whether the kitchen design and cabinet material are modern or traditional. Small flat, cleaning fingerprints on the glass can become tedious.

Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to renovate your kitchen on a budget, recycling or salvaging your kitchen cabinets is the trend for you. 

And that trend even filters through home improvement shows where we see renovators redoing the cabinetry in place instead of buying new or custom cabinets. The concept is simple: renovate your used cabinets to bring them up to date, and you can invest in a floor covering or a backsplash instead.

The environmental trend is increasing, and raw wood will continue to be adopted more and more. In tune with the global ecological trend, the concept of recycling kitchen cabinets will certainly gain more and more popularity over time.

Slab Kitchen Cabinets

In line with the minimalist design trend, there is no more modern or elegant than slab kitchen cabinet doors that sometimes do not even have door handles!

Slab kitchen cabinets have flat, frameless fronts. They are available in a gloss finish or wood finish. Pair them with a sober countertop and floor covering, and you have the modern kitchen you dream of. It is ideal for young couples who want to furnish their kitchen at an affordable price. 

Natural wood cabinets, usually pine or oak, are now unstained and unfinished. In short, goodbye to dark stains for wooden cabinets. This trend is based on the rise of a minimalist and natural design in the kitchen. The emergence of butcher’s wood kitchen counters is proof of this. 

The trilogy of white, light and clarity has been at the heart of several domestic trends in recent years. These kitchen cabinets will continue to be popular for a long time. 

Besides these five unusual kitchen cabinet trends, do not forget to share with us what inspires you!

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