31 Dec 2021
Kitchen cabinets in a modern minimalist kitchen

Cabinet fabrication requires a lot of precision and accuracy. Just one mistake can lead to the cabinet not fitting in its designated space or being too wobbly on the floor. Kitchen cabinet fabrication is an art form that takes patience, skill, and creativity. Discussed below are some of the best materials you can use for cabinet fabrication in Palm Beach County.

1. Plywood

Plywood is an important material to use for cabinet fabrication. It is ideal due to its strength and smoothness, allowing it to be painted easily. No matter the finish of your cabinets or how ornate you want them to look, plywood can make it possible for you. It comes in various thicknesses, and you must choose the one that best suits your needs.

2. MDF

MDF is a strong wood material made from compressed powdered wood. It’s easy to work with, strong, and very dry, emphasizing that it doesn’t warp or crack easily. You can use them in combination with plywood to add strength and make your cabinets look smooth.
MDF is also good for painting, although you must remember that it takes longer to dry than on other surfaces. The best part about MDF is that you can tailor its size according to your needs.

3. Laminate

Like wood, laminate is a sturdy material that looks great on cabinets. It’s also easy to work with, and it comes in various finishes meaning you can choose the color. If you’re going for the natural look, choose a lighter shade, while if you prefer a darker tone, then go with a slightly more dense finish.
Laminate also has various textures, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen. It is smooth and easy to clean, making it one of the most sought-after materials for modern cabinet fabrication.

4. Fiberboard

Fiberboard is made from compressed powdered wood that won’t warp or crack easily. However, it’s not as smooth as plywood and isn’t ideal for painting cabinets which means you may have to settle with the laminate finish only. It requires special tools for installation, which contributes to it being more expensive.
Fiberboard is the cheapest among all of these materials, so if you’re on a budget, then it’s ideal for your cabinets. It is also resistant to moisture and can withstand any temperature fluctuation making it perfect for outdoor use.

5. PVC

PVC is a great material to use when you want lightweight cabinets. These cabinets are easy to cut and install, making them perfect for your kitchen cabinets. It’s also easier to paint, stain, or finish, so the color options are more diverse.
PVC has many benefits, but it’s not as durable as other materials. It won’t warp, crack or break easily, but it does dent and scratch quite easily. Also, PVC cabinets need to be maintained regularly to avoid them looking worn out.

6. Stainless Steel and Aluminum

This material is very strong and durable, making it perfect for cabinets. It’s especially ideal if you’re looking for a sleek look that makes your kitchen appear larger. You can stain or paint these types of cabinets to suit your needs.

Wrap Up

The material you choose for your cabinets will significantly affect your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Make sure you take your time to research carefully, consult professionals from Kitchen Cabinets Only. They have experienced and skilled designers who can guide you in choosing the best material for kitchen cabinet fabrication in Palm Beach County.