04 Jan 2023
Unique kitchen cabinets

All cabinets are not created equal. Some are much better in quality than others, so it is important to choose the right ones for your kitchen. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect cabinets.

Consider Your Needs and Budget

It’s important to know your needs and how much you can afford to spend on white shaker kitchen cabinets. Make sure to consider the size of your kitchen, storage needs and style preferences. This will help you narrow down the options and make it easier to find the right cabinets for your kitchen.

If your budget is limited, there are some cost-saving options to consider. For example, you may be able to buy unfinished cabinets and customize them by painting or staining them yourself. You may also be able to find semi-custom cabinets, which are cheaper than fully custom ones, but still provide a great look.

Choose Quality Materials

The quality of the cabinets’ materials is a key factor in choosing white shaker kitchen cabinets. The most popular cabinet materials are wood, laminate, and metal. Wood cabinets are the most durable and provide a classic look. Laminate cabinets are less expensive but still, look great and are easy to clean. Metal cabinets are very modern but may be too expensive for most budgets.

You should also consider the type of finish and hardware used on the cabinets before kitchen cabinet installation. Quality finishes, such as lacquers, provide a beautiful appearance and durability. High-quality hardware, such as solid brass knobs and pulls, will hold up over time and make your cabinets look better.

Consider the Design

When choosing modern kitchen cabinets, it’s important to consider the design. Choose cabinets that complement your kitchen décor and fit into the overall style of your home. Consider your kitchen layout and the position of appliances, such as ovens and fridges during kitchen cabinet installation. Make sure that any cabinets you select are the right height and size for your kitchen.

Most cabinets come in various colors and styles, so you should have no problem finding the right look for your kitchen. Common finishes include white, black and wood tones.

Think About Functionality

In addition to aesthetics, it’s important to consider the functionality of your modern kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the drawers and doors open smoothly and that the shelves are adjustable to fit your storage needs. Look for cabinets with pull-out shelves and built-in organizers for extra storage and convenience.

Consider the Warranty

Finally, make sure to check the warranty on your cabinets. Quality modern kitchen cabinets should have a manufacturer’s warranty covering defects or repair needs. Many companies offer extended warranties for added protection and peace of mind.

If you realize that the cabinets you purchased do not meet your expectations, you must know what kind of warranty coverage you have.

Consider these tips when choosing cabinets, and you’ll be certain to find the perfect setting for your home. Having quality cabinets will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your kitchen, so it’s worth taking the extra time to research and ensure you get exactly what you need.

Kitchen Cabinets Only is a great resource to get started on your search. With a wide selection of styles and materials, you can be sure to find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Contact Kitchen Cabinets Only to learn more and start your journey to finding the perfect kitchen cabinets

15 Dec 2022
Kitchen with modern cabinet design

Do you want to give your kitchen a modern look and feel? European style cabinets are the perfect way to do that. European cabinets provide South Florida homeowners with an interesting, inspired style for their kitchens. Here are five must-know facts about South Florida kitchen cabinets.

1. Variety of Design Options

Modern kitchen cabinets come in various styles, including contemporary, traditional, and rustic. This allows homeowners to customize their kitchen cabinet design to suit their tastes and needs. European cabinets also feature unique hardware options, such as concealed hinges or clip-on door handles.

Also, European cabinets come in various materials, including solid wood, plywood, laminate, and MDF. This makes it easy for homeowners to create the perfect European style kitchen that fits their budget.

2. Highly Durable

You don’t have to sacrifice durability for style in European-style cabinets. European cabinets are incredibly durable and made of high-quality materials that can withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear.

Whether you choose solid wood cabinets or laminate European-style cabinets, you can be sure that your cabinets will last for many years. And with European cabinet hardware, you can be sure that everything will stay in place and look great for an extended period.

3. Ample Storage Capacity

South Florida kitchen cabinets offer ample storage capacity for all your kitchen items. You can easily access your dishes and other kitchen supplies with European cabinets without worrying about cramped conditions or messy drawers. European cabinets also come with adjustable shelves, so you can quickly move them around and customize your storage needs.

Moreover, European cabinets feature deep drawers for pots, pans, and other bulky items. This helps to maximize storage capacity and keep your kitchen organized. So, you can easily store all the things you need in your European cabinets without worrying about clutter.

4. No Need to Worry About Cleaning

European style cabinets come with a durable finish, making them easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the cabinets’ high quality, you don’t have to worry about scratches or other signs of wear and tear. And with European cabinet hardware, such as clip-on handles and concealed hinges, you don’t need to worry about dirt accumulation either.

Consequently, the minimal maintenance keeps them looking beautiful and enhances their durability. European-style cabinets also feature special finishes specially designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

5. Cost-Effective Option

Kitchen cabinets that are modern are a cost-effective option compared to other kitchen cabinet styles. European cabinets offer superior quality at an affordable price, so they’re great value. European cabinets also come with various hardware options, further lowering their cost.

Moreover, you can easily customize your European-style cabinets to suit your needs and budget. European cabinets are available in various materials, styles, and finishes to find the perfect European kitchen cabinet for your South Florida home.


South Florida kitchen cabinets offer South Florida homeowners a stylish and modern way to upgrade their kitchens. If you’re looking for European-style cabinets that are both durable and cost-effective, contact Kitchen Cabinets Only in South Florida today. We are the leading modern kitchen cabinet suppliers in South Florida and offer a wide range of European-style cabinets at competitive prices. Get in touch to learn more about our European-style kitchen cabinets today.

01 Nov 2022
Kitchen with white cabinets

Style is essential in kitchen cabinets, and white shaker kitchen cabinets are no different. This type of cabinet is often seen in traditional or country-style kitchens but works well in a more contemporary space. Here are some tips on style shaker cabinets, so they look their best.

Use Simple Hardware

White shaker kitchen cabinets typically have an effortless, clean-lined look. This means that ornate or overly dramatic hardware can look out of place. Stick to simple knobs or pulls in a finish that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen. These can be made of metal, wood, or even ceramic.

When deciding on the proper hardware, think about what will happen in the cabinets. Pulls might be the best option if they are used for storage. But if the cabinets will be used for food preparation, then knobs might be easier to use.

Pair With The Right Countertop

The countertop is an important consideration when styling shaker cabinets. A light-colored granite or quartz can work well with this type of cabinet, as can a white or cream-colored laminate. A dark countertop like black granite or soapstone can look striking if you want to add a bit of contrast.

For a more traditional look, pair shaker cabinets with a wood countertop. This can create a warm and inviting feel in the kitchen.

Choose The Right Color Scheme

White shaker kitchen cabinets can work with a range of color schemes. Pair them with other neutrals like black or gray for a classic look. This combination can create a sophisticated look in the kitchen.

If you want to add color to the space, consider pairing the cabinets with blue or green. This can give the kitchen a more inviting and relaxed feel. For a bolder look, pair shaker cabinets with red or yellow. This can create a fun and lively space that is perfect for entertaining.

Add Decorative Elements

Shaker cabinets can be dressed up with a few decorative elements. Consider adding glass doors to some of the cabinets. This can give the kitchen a more open and airier feel. Another option is to use crown molding or other trim details to add interest to the cabinets. This can help to create a more polished look in the kitchen.

Look for ways to add personality to the space with the South Florida kitchen cabinets. This can be done with paint colors, hardware, and even accessories. You can create a unique space by taking the time to style the cabinets.

Consider The Layout

The kitchen layout can play a role in how South Florida kitchen cabinets are styled. If the kitchen is small, using light colors can help make the space seem more significant. If the kitchen is large, you can use a bold color scheme.

If the kitchen is open to another room, you will want to consider how the colors will work together. Using similar colors in both spaces can help to create a cohesive look.

White shakers can be an excellent option for any kitchen. By following these tips, you can create a stylish and functional space. With the right color scheme and layout, you can create a perfect kitchen for your needs. Kitchen Cabinets Only is a kitchen cabinet store specializing in different types of cabinets. We can help you find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Contact Kitchen Cabinets Only to learn more.

06 Oct 2022
Row of white kichen cabinets

It doesn’t matter whether you have an open kitchen design or a closed one. If your kitchen cabinets don’t look good, it will bother you. As long as you love your home looking nice and neat, you may not bare looking at your dated cabinets for too long. Luckily, replacing your cabinets with new ones isn’t something that takes a long time. Do you feel like your kitchen cabinets need a facelift? Perhaps you’ve noticed the following signs.

1. The Cabinets Don’t Match Your Home

If you’ve never done a complete cabinet replacement, you may have cabinets that don’t match the theme of your home. This is common if you’ve been working on remodeling your house step-by-step. If it’s time to replace the kitchen cabinets, it might be because you need the home to have a uniform look. Doing this helps to bring harmony to your house, especially if you have an open kitchen design.

2. Your Cabinets Constantly Look Dirty

Have you tried cleaning your cabinets to no avail? Refacing your kitchen cabinets is the way to go. When cabinets get old, you may experience a dirty look that won’t go away no matter how hard you clean. If that’s the case, refacing kitchen cabinets may be a great way to spruce up your kitchen’s appearance. With help from the experts, you’ll even get the chance to pick the type of color you want. Do you need new South Floridakitchen cabinets? We are ready to help you can get your cabinets in days, not weeks.

3. Cabinet Doors Won’t Open or Close as Necessary

Once your cabinets get old, they may experience misalignment. When this happens, opening and closing the doors may become quite frustrating. If most of your cabinets are acting up, you might as well replace all the cabinets. The longer you take to make the replacement, the more deterioration takes place.

4. You Dislike the Layout

If you don’t like the layout, you should consider refacing your kitchen cabinets. Perhaps you’ve been working with a local handyman to help fix things in your kitchen. Doing this may lead to an awkward layout that doesn’t rhyme with the feel of your home. Working with experts to help you replace your kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach is the way to go.

5. Your Cabinets Look Dated

Do your South Florida kitchen cabinets look old? If you use your kitchen often, the cabinets will likely age much faster. But other than that, your cabinets may be from a different time. Styles come and go. If you’ve lived in the home for a long time, it may be time to update the design of your South Florida kitchen cabinets to something modern.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to sell your home, you should always think about ways to improve the current quality. Most buyers look at the kitchen before making their choice. And new kitchen cabinets will help increase the value of the house.

Do you need new kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach? Contact White Shaker Cabinets today for new kitchen cabinets.

15 Sep 2022
Kitchen cabinets and countertop

The poor cabinetry will affect the design of your kitchen. Nevertheless, it would be a waste to take down outstanding cabinets, even if they are outdated or don’t have the style you desire. Refacing kitchen cabinets offer a way to update the appearance without total replacement, which might save a lot of money. However, sometimes you’ll need to replace your cabinets. This post will compare refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Layout

Cabinet refacing won’t fix problems like continually bumping your cereal cabinet while grabbing for a pan or not having enough space for your fantastic coffee cup collection. For extra storage space and better functionality, you should go with a total replacement.

But, if you’ve refined the efficiency of your current layout and want to keep your kitchen’s general aesthetic, refacing the cabinets is worth consideration. Shop for the best options anywhere in South Florida kitchen cabinets.


While replacing the cabinets requires more time and work, refacing kitchen cabinets typically takes a few days. This results in increased expenses as well as extended time without a kitchen. On the good side, though, it gives you the justification you need to keep ordering a takeaway. South Florida kitchen cabinets offer fast and reliable services.


Refacing kitchen cabinets is typically less expensive than a complete replacement. This is because you’ll keep your old cabinets and only add or remove a few details. However, costs may add up. For instance, if you are eyeing a more expensive technology, the cost of your project can be on par with a complete replacement. In this case, get a quote from a local cabinet contractor so you may compare prices.

Quality Difference

A refaced cabinet’s quality will maintain the old cabinetry’s grade. Its doors do not influence the quality of the complete cabinet box. Even if the rebuilt door may be constructed of superior materials than the previous one, the cabinet box’s overall construction will remain the same. Moreover, contractors frequently fail to install new doors at all. They reface and refinish the original door, leaving you with nothing more than the old cabinets you had at the beginning. However, kitchen cabinets West Palm Beach will try to improve the general outlook of your kitchen cabinets.


If you only refaced damaged cabinets, you would continue to have the damages and perhaps any degradation to the inside or construction of the original cabinets. Refacing makes little sense when your old cabinets are already deteriorating or poorly constructed. Additionally, refacing does not address structural problems with corrosion in your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you may replace kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look and do away with the damage. Stores kitchen cabinets West Palm Beach offers the best deals.

Bottom Line

Kitchen cabinets complete your kitchen’s design and are essential to any kitchen. A good kitchen cabinet design is also crucial for efficiency and easy movement in the kitchen. You may replace kitchen cabinets or reface them to improve efficiency around your kitchen. Best kitchen options like White Shaker Cabinets have the best deals for you!

15 Jul 2022
White kitchen cabinets

It’s pretty much inevitable that you will hear “shaker kitchen cabinets” at some point if you have recently been interested in improving the storage space in your kitchen or bathroom. Shaker characteristics are unique and leave a striking impact in any kitchen that claims them. We have a timeless elegance that gives kitchens and bathrooms a traditional elegance. Including them in modern remodels is gaining popularity.


A shaker will cost more than flat panel cabinets because they require more material and skills to build. Additionally, you must invest additional money in the setup process, as it takes time and skill to complete. On the other hand, flat panel cabinets use much less material. So, using these panels to create kitchen cabinets will substantially lower the cost. Plus, their installation cost is relatively low. While it will cost much to buy white shaker cabinets, they have good features and aesthetic features.


The most significant distinction between white shaker cabinet and flat cabinets is their general appearance. Shaker cabinets feature a recessed panel in the middle, giving them an antique appearance. Flat panel cabinets are more straightforward and sleeker, with a more modern appearance.

Therefore, flat panel cabinets are trendy among today’s youth. But does that mean shaker options are out of fashion? No, you can change the style of shaker cabinets by using various handles or knobs.

Installation and Maintenance

Shaker cabinets have recessed parts, making their installation often challenging. Moreover, shaker panels are more expensive to manufacture and use more materials than flat panel cabinets.

However, flat panel cabinets of equal size will be easier to construct with less material, making them more straightforward to install than a shaker. Furthermore, the flat panel cabinets require much less maintenance than shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets have ridges, making it challenging to get into the crevices. However, the door panels of cabinets with flat panels are simple to clean.

Hardware Positioning

Because of their side trimmings, you could experience some difficulty mounting knobs or handles on shaker cabinets. You must fit the handles or knobs into a small area if it is a cabinet door. Additionally, you have much less room to attach the hardware if it is a cabinet drawer.

However, flat panel cabinets may easily adjust the positioning to put the hardware in a suitable spot. Furthermore, owing to the stark contrast with the simplicity of the panel, any hardware will appear much better on cabinets with flat panels. You can try out options when you need a kitchen cabinet in West Palm Beach.


The materials used to construct the cabinet will determine its durability. Initially, recessed panels were constructed of natural wood, which made them last longer. However, nowadays, cabinets are made from synthetic materials, making them less durable.

So, no specific category is superior to the other. As a result, always look at the build-up material if you want durability, regardless of the one you’ve picked.

Final Thought

Shaker cabinets have always exuded luxury. As a result, they continue to be popular despite having wide varieties. However, the simplicity and modernity of flat panel cabinets and their unparalleled ease are gradually gaining popularity, especially among young people.

So it becomes challenging to decide between these two kitchen cabinets. This article has explained the key differences between the shakers and flat panels to help you pick the best one for your kitchen.

If you want to get a kitchen cabinet West Palm Beach or you’d like to buy white shaker cabinets, don’t hesitate to contact us at Kitchen Cabinets Only.

08 Jul 2022
Open concept kitchen with white cabinets and countertops

Shaker cabinets are a gorgeous form of cabinetry that has stood the test of time and are compatible with almost any style of kitchen motif and color scheme. This kitchen cabinet style is so popular because it is available in various hues, dimensions, and layouts.

However, many choose not to purchase them because they believe it would be challenging to keep them clean. However, this is not the case. You may easily maintain the pristine state of your cabinets by following a few easy instructions and pointers. Continue reading to find out how you may take care of your shakers, mainly if the shakers in question are white.

Keep Out of the Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunshine is one of the primary factors that cause shaker cabinets to discolor into a nasty yellow over time. The sun is indeed harmful to our skin, but it can also be damaging to white countertops and cabinets in the kitchen. Utilize curtains, sheers, or blinds to shield your sparkling white kitchens from the sun’s potentially damaging rays so you can keep them in pristine condition. This will not only soften the bright light in your kitchen, but it will also offer a lovely new texture to the space.

Exhaust it Out

The exhaust fan protects your lungs from toxic vapors created by the cooking process. Using it correctly may reduce the amount of oil and grease in your kitchen. Enticing fragrances fill the air as soon as you start cooking; their preferred location is on your counters. If you turn on the chimney/exhaust fan, you can prevent anything like this from occurring.

Simple Family Recipe

Does your kitchen have white tiles installed? You must always think about preventing unsightly stains from appearing in those grout lines. You can remove those unsightly stains with a toothbrush and a homogeneous combination of vinegar and baking soda! Greetings, gleaming backsplashes! You may also use lemon in place of vinegar. Here is additional advice about cleaning tiles.

You can also use the same combination to clean laminates. It just requires a quick nylon brush scrub. Allow it to dry after cleaning for spotless cabinets.

Sinks With a Glow

However, suppose you want your ceramic sink to maintain its brilliant white appearance. In that case, it is recommended to buy white shaker cabinets from a kitchen cabinet West Palm Beach store and wash them using solid industrial chemicals.

They will be detrimental to the condition of the sink rather than beneficial. Try combining white vinegar and lemon juice to remove stubborn food stains from your white shaker cabinet  sink. This is an effective method. Apply it to the spots with the spray and let it sit for a while. You shouldn’t have trouble getting a dazzling sink at any time!

Make It a Habit

There is, of course, no better way to keep white kitchens looking white than to clean them on a consistent and conscientious basis. If you ensure that you have suitable detergents and other fundamental cleaning supplies, you should not have any problems. It’s possible that all you need is some warm water and a gentle washcloth to solve the problem.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind the hints that have been provided when you are cleaning the cabinets in your kitchen. In this manner, you can avoid the potential harm your negligence would have caused. You can buy cabinets at kitchen cabinet in West Palm Beach today to get the best and longest-lasting cabinet for your family at an affordable price.

13 Jun 2022
Two young boys playing inside a kitchen cabinet

People consider a kitchen’s layout and dimension when thinking about space and design. However, there are other things that you can change during your kitchen cabinet installation to help you gain more space. You can save your space through these kitchen cabinet ideas in the 2022 summer.

Shaker Cabinets

These cabinets are the ultimate in a space-saving design, not only because they’re made with a narrow width but also because they’re built with an angled base that lets them fit in corners or on the side of your countertop. In addition, shaker cabinets come in various styles and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your existing décor.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great space-saving kitchen cabinet idea because it saves space, keeps your kitchen organized, and provides extra storage space for all your cookware and dishes. It maximizes your storage potential while keeping the overall footprint of your kitchen cabinet doors as small as possible.

Drawer Inlays

Inlays can give a fresh, modern touch to your custom kitchen cabinets. A drawer inlay is a thin piece of wood that’s placed inside the frame of the cabinet door or drawers. It gives you a place to put items like keys, napkins, and utensils without taking up valuable space on open shelves. They also allow you to customize each drawer to suit your needs and personal style.

Corner Drawers

The first idea is to utilize vertical space in your kitchen cabinets by using a pullout drawer below your counter. You can use this drawer for utensils and other small items you need to organize. Corner cabinets also let you store more things than traditional ones because there’s less space taken up by doorways and handles on each side of the cabinet. Therefore, although your kitchen has limited square footage, it still has plenty of storage space.

Custom Made Pull-outs

Custom pullouts are a great way to make your kitchen look more spacious by adding more storage space without taking up as much room on the floor. You can put them anywhere in your kitchen. That means you can easily move them around based on what you need most at any given time. Also, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Utilize Vertical Space

If you have limited horizontal space for your kitchen cabinet design, it may be time for some vertical cabinets. Vertical cabinet ideas can save more than half an inch of wall space per cabinet and create more usable space in your kitchen. You can utilize vertical space in your kitchen cabinets by using a pullout drawer below your counter. You can use this drawer for utensils and other small items you need to organize. The pullout drawer will also allow you to store more items if you need more room in your cabinet.

Use Hinging Adjacency Technique

Consider this technique during your kitchen cabinet installation. It helps you open adjacent cabinetry doors in different directions. You can use this method to ensure that your cabinets are wider and taller than usual. This is a great way to maximize the space available in your kitchen.

If you do not have enough space, you can utilize your kitchen space well with these space-saving ideas for your cupboards and drawers. Contact us at Kitchen Cabinets Only for free price quotes from qualified and expert artisans about your kitchen cabinet installation. We have a full range of services and will give you only the best service in your area. Our team is highly-skilled, so you get the best of the best no matter what.

02 Jun 2022
A farm house style kitchen

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or want to give your kitchen a fresh new look, consider incorporating some farmhouse style into your design. Farmhouse kitchens are warm and inviting, and they can be created with a variety of cabinet styles. Here are some of the best cabinet styles for installing in a farmhouse kitchen.

Whiter Shaker Cabinetry

This style is perfect for creating a clean and bright farmhouse kitchen. The cabinets are typically made from a block of white painted wood, and they feature simple Shaker-style doors. This style is perfect for kitchens that get a lot of natural light as the white cabinets will help to reflect and amplify the light.

You should avoid using too many decorative elements in a kitchen with white Shaker cabinets since this can make the space feel too busy and cluttered. Instead, focus on keeping the space feeling bright and airy.

Wooden Cabinetry

If you want to create a warmer and more rustic farmhouse kitchen, wooden cabinetry is the way. This cabinet style is typically made from a light-colored wood, such as maple or birch. The cabinets can either be left natural, or they can be painted white or another light color.

Wooden cabinets are perfect for creating a cozy and inviting farmhouse kitchen. They can also be used to create a more rustic look by incorporating exposed hinges and hardware.

Glass-Front Cabinetry

If you want to add a bit of extra storage to your farmhouse kitchen without making the space feel too cluttered, glass-front cabinetry is a great option. These kitchen cabinets feature doors with glass panels, which allow you to see the contents of the cabinets while keeping them protected from dirt or dust. Glass-front cabinetry is perfect for showing off your beautiful dishware.

Beadboard Cabinetry

Beadboard cabinetry is a classic farmhouse style that can add a touch of charm to any kitchen. These farmhouse kitchen cabinets feature a raised panel design with beadboard details. Beadboard cabinets are typically made from light-colored wood.

Beadboard cabinetry is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting farmhouse kitchen. It can also add a touch of rustic charm to the space.

Cottage-Style Cabinetry

Cottage-style cabinetry is the perfect way to bring a touch of country charm to your farmhouse kitchen. This cabinet style is typically made from a light-colored wood, such as white painted pine or maple. These farmhouse kitchen cabinets feature simple Shaker doors and are often adorned with pretty hardware.

Cottage-style cabinetry is perfect for creating a warm and inviting farmhouse kitchen. It can also add a touch of rustic charm to the space.

Farmhouse Cabinet Styles for You

The style you choose for your kitchen will depend on your personal preferences and the overall look that you are trying to achieve. Kitchen Cabinets Only is here to help you select the perfect cabinets for your home. We offer a wide variety of farmhouse-style cabinets in various colors and finishes. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

13 May 2022
Close up of rectangle-style modern cabinet handle

Renovating a kitchen can be exciting in Broward and Palm Beach. If you are someone who loves to cook, you can design the kitchen of your dreams. Designing your kitchen, however, comes with having to make a lot of decisions. One of the things you have to decide on is kitchen cabinet handles.

Pulls or Knobs

When it comes to cabinet handles, you can choose from pulls, knobs, or a combination of both. Usually, knobs are for cabinets, and pulls are used for drawers. Of course, you do not have to do this.

You can install pulls vertically for your bathroom cabinets. When deciding on hardware, you really want to think about what is most functional for you. Knobs tend to be less expensive and are smaller than handles. They are flexible enough to use with cabinets and drawers.

It is easier to install knobs than pulls because they only require one screw to put the knob in place. If you want to make a statement with your cabinets, you may want to use pulls. They are easier to grip. You can find them in a variety of sizes.

Pulls are larger than knobs, make more of a statement, and tend to be easier to grip. They are more expensive than pulls, but they come in many different sizes. They tend to complement drawers or larger cabinets with their linear shape.

Style of Hardware

In addition to the type of hardware, you also want to consider the style. Some of them have textured detailing that can help give your kitchen a traditional feel. Modern cabinetry is known for its sleek profile. Choosing hardware pieces with curved silhouettes can help change up the style.

You can choose a finish for your kitchen cabinets that adds contrast to your kitchen and helps your hardware pop. Choosing brass hardware helps give your kitchen a warmer tone and gives off a vintage feel. If you want your kitchen to look more contemporary, you can choose cooler tones for your cabinets and dark hardware.

When choosing hardware for your cabinets, you can mix metals. There is nothing wrong with choosing black lighting with brass hardware. You can also do the opposite. If you have stainless steel appliances, you can give your kitchen a clean feel by choosing black cabinet hardware.

Choosing the Right Size

With the range of sizes cabinets and drawers come in, it can be hard to figure out the size you should pick. Although there is no rule around this, it is recommended that the pull length be one-third of the cabinet or the width of the drawer.

If your drawers are 12″ or less, you will need a pull that has a length of 3″ to 4″. You also want to choose a knob that has a 1″ diameter. If your drawers are 12″ to 30″, you may want to choose a pull that has a length of 4″ to 8″. The knob should have a diameter of 1″ to 1.5″.

For drawers that are between 30″ and 48″, you will need a pull that has a length over 8″. The diameter of the knob should be 1″ or more. If the drawer is large enough, you can also use two knobs or pulls.

Getting the Right Cabinets

When it comes to deciding on cabinets and hardware, it is important to choose a reputable cabinet maker that can help with your kitchen renovation. Cabinets are expensive, especially in Broward and Palm Beach. Therefore, you want to make sure you are getting quality cabinets. At Kitchen Cabinets Only, we make all styles of cabinets.