09 Oct 2021

Cabinets are what we use to add storage space, style, and practicality to any room. However, you can’t assume that installing cabinets is easy without the proper tools to get the job right. Not using essential tools can make your cabinets look like an amateur’s work and take away from the room. 

Those who use select tools will ensure that the cabinets are straight and have that professional look and feel. We review the different tools you want to use for any cabinet installation so that everything goes according to plan. 

The Cabinet Jack

When you are installing cabinets, one of the most critical parts is holding the cabinet in place. The challenge is that cabinets can become heavy by holding them for too long, and you will slowly lose your grip.

These situations will cause the cabinet to appear uneven and not match your specifications. In cabinetry, if you are off just one inch, everything can seem awkward and amateur-looking. 

A cabinet jack reduces the workload by holding the cabinet in place until you shim, clamp, and screw everything together. You are not as physically strained and make more precise measurements with this tool. 

The cabinet jack gives you convenience, the one-person installation option, and will hold the weight of the cabinets. We recommend this tool for anyone installing their cabinets that wants to get the job right the first time. 

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The Laser Level

You want to ensure that your cabinets are level to give you a professional look, during the installation. However, sometimes the floor is not level, and you need a tool that gives you the right amount of balance. 

A laser level goes onto the wall and shoots out a beam that tells the exact spot to make your cabinets level. You don’t have to worry about constantly getting the precise measurements, as this tool provides it. 

We recommend using a laser level anytime you are installing new cabinets to improve accuracy and stability. 

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The Stud Finder

When you are doing cabinet installation, you will require a way to secure the cabinets to the wall. A stud finder is a tool that identifies where the 2×4 is located and takes out the guesswork. 

You don’t have to worry about continually finding the beam when this tool tells you the exact location. We recommend using a stud finder to avoid the frustrations of constantly putting holes in the wall and missing the beam. 

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Trigger Clamps

Trigger clamps are the best solution for holding the cabinets in place and withstanding heavy loads. This tool helps you to avoid finding a durable clamp that is easy to adjust to your job. We recommend trigger clamps as an essential part of any cabinetry work in your home. 

For example, when installing the cabinets, you want to use a durable and flexible clamp. All of the other options don’t offer this, and you will find things difficult to keep the cabinets in place. Triggers clamps solve this problem, as they hold the cabinets securely and keep everything steady. 

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We Are the Best at Cabinets

These are some of the tools you want to use when installing your cabinets to get the job done right. Call Kitchen Cabinets Only today at 954-800-0554 or 561-609-3303 and ask about our discount prices. 

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