07 Jan 2022
Two chair in a kitchen

Are you getting your kitchen renovated and plan to install new kitchen cabinets? There are a few things you should be aware of that may lead to a delay in your cabinet installation. Here are 7 common mistakes that can occur when installing new cabinets in your kitchen:  

  1. Incorrect Measurements 

This is the first and most common mistake made when installing kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, you get cabinets in the wrong measurements so that they are either too big or too small for your space. It is important to have accurate measurements, including ceiling height and wall-to-wall distances.   

2. Forgetting New Appliance Requirements  

If your kitchen remodel includes getting new appliances, you have to keep these appliances in mind when ordering your cabinetry. Most new appliances are larger than the standard size some 20 years ago.  

There’s nothing worse than having your entire kitchen ready with the new cabinets, only to find that your new fridge won’t fit in the cabinet space. To avoid this, get in touch with your appliance manufacturers for accurate appliance measurements.  

3. Getting the Wrong Hardware  

You may end up with the wrong number of hinges, screws, knobs, and pulls than you need. This can lead to a delay in the installation or just a feeling that your kitchen is incomplete. It can also be difficult to find the exact same hardware later in case of shortages. To avoid this, make sure you count and recount the hardware you need.  

4. Incorrectly Placed Lighting and Plumbing  

Before placing an order for your cabinetry, you should map out the lighting and plumbing in your kitchen. If you don’t do this correctly, you may end up with cabinets that cover the light fixtures or a sink cabinet placed along a wall with no water pipes. You could even ask your plumbers to add additional plumbing in the walls for easier access and to allow you to change the layout of your kitchen.  

5. Uneven Cabinet Installation  

Often when people try to DIY their kitchen cabinets, they end up with un-leveled cabinets. This can cause problems in how your cabinets fit together and against the walls and door frames. It can also look very unappealing to have the cabinets un-leveled compared to a window or the fridge. To avoid this, it would be good to have the cabinet installation done by a professional.  

6. Not Enough People to Install the Cabinets 

Attempting to install the cabinets all by yourself is a bad idea. Kitchen cabinets are a lot bigger and heavier than they seem, and it can be dangerous to try and install them alone without any support in carrying them and holding them up. You also need help in making sure that the cabinets are leveled. Installing the kitchen cabinets is a two-person job.   

7. Not Enough Space for Appliance Doors to Clear  

This can be a problem, especially in smaller or narrower kitchens. Suppose you have an alley kitchen, for example. In that case, you have to measure the cabinets to ensure that the fridge or the oven on the opposite side of the alley can be opened fully without the doors bumping into the cabinets. A very common problem is that the appliance doors don’t clear once the cabinet handles are installed.  

Now that you know all about these common cabinet installation mistakes, you can take care to avoid them and be extra thorough with your measurements, appliance placement, lighting, and plumbing. Also, check the cabinetry as soon as it is delivered in case of any defects, wrong sizes, or missing hardware.  

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