04 Mar 2022

Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things you notice when you step into any kitchen and can make or break a first impression. Old cabinets that are falling apart or look dirty and dated can ruin the entire look of your kitchen. This is why cabinet maintenance is so essential.

If you want your cabinets to last you many years and stay in good condition, read ahead for some tips on cabinet maintenance you can follow.

  • Set Aside Time for Cleaning the Cabinets

Regular cleaning is one of the most important ways to maintain any piece of furniture, including your kitchen cabinets. But we know how hectic life can be, and sometimes you don’t have the time to do much more than wipe down the counters.

If you can’t get around to cleaning the cabinets too often, set aside a time specially dedicated for cabinet cleaning. You can schedule cleaning the cabinet surfaces once every other week and cleaning the insides of the cabinets every few months.

  • Be Careful with the Cleaning Products You Use

Choose the cleaning products to use carefully. Abrasive materials and harsh chemicals can cause damage to the surface of the cabinets and make them appear worse off than before you cleaned them. Use soft lint-free cloths and cotton fabrics. Avoid abrasive brushes or sponges. Use mild detergents or dish soap to clean the surfaces and avoid strong chemicals like ammonia. If you want to use a commercial cleaning solution, pick one made especially for wood.

  • Give the Cabinets a Fresh Coat of Paint or Polish

You’d be surprised how far a fresh coat of paint or polish goes in transforming your kitchen cabinets. New paint color or a coat of glossy polish can make your cabinets look brand new and modernize them. Just be sure to sand down the surfaces and use a good quality primer before painting to ensure an even coat of paint that sticks well to the cabinets. As for the polish, you can apply it with a soft cloth and then buff it out for some extra shine.

  • Wipe Spills as Soon as they Happen

There’s nothing worse than a stubborn stain that won’t come out even after hours of scrubbing. If you spill something on the cabinet surfaces, be sure to wipe it off immediately. You can use a damp kitchen towel and a bit of dish soap to get the job done. If you leave spills too long, your cabinets may become stained and discolored. Once they’ve settled, grease and food stains can be especially difficult to get out. You can use a bit of baking soda or white toothpaste to get out stubborn stains and water spots.

  • Reduce Exposure to Moisture and Humidity

Try to reduce exposure to moisture and humidity as much as you can. Water and moisture can soak into wooden cabinets and cause them to become warped or swollen. Water can also damage the finish on the cabinets. If any water is spilled over the cabinets, wipe it off immediately. Avoid hanging wet washcloths on the cabinet doors, and keep kitchen appliance steam vents aimed away from the cabinets.

  • Replace Old or Missing Hardware

Lastly, keep a close eye on your kitchen cabinet hardware. One or two missing door knobs can look out of place and draw your attention to what’s missing. Additionally, old-fashioned hardware can date your cabinets. Replace missing or broken hardware whenever you can, or put in entirely new hardware if you want to modernize your kitchen cabinets.

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