15 Sep 2022
Kitchen cabinets and countertop

The poor cabinetry will affect the design of your kitchen. Nevertheless, it would be a waste to take down outstanding cabinets, even if they are outdated or don’t have the style you desire. Refacing kitchen cabinets offer a way to update the appearance without total replacement, which might save a lot of money. However, sometimes you’ll need to replace your cabinets. This post will compare refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Layout

Cabinet refacing won’t fix problems like continually bumping your cereal cabinet while grabbing for a pan or not having enough space for your fantastic coffee cup collection. For extra storage space and better functionality, you should go with a total replacement.

But, if you’ve refined the efficiency of your current layout and want to keep your kitchen’s general aesthetic, refacing the cabinets is worth consideration. Shop for the best options anywhere in South Florida kitchen cabinets.


While replacing the cabinets requires more time and work, refacing kitchen cabinets typically takes a few days. This results in increased expenses as well as extended time without a kitchen. On the good side, though, it gives you the justification you need to keep ordering a takeaway. South Florida kitchen cabinets offer fast and reliable services.


Refacing kitchen cabinets is typically less expensive than a complete replacement. This is because you’ll keep your old cabinets and only add or remove a few details. However, costs may add up. For instance, if you are eyeing a more expensive technology, the cost of your project can be on par with a complete replacement. In this case, get a quote from a local cabinet contractor so you may compare prices.

Quality Difference

A refaced cabinet’s quality will maintain the old cabinetry’s grade. Its doors do not influence the quality of the complete cabinet box. Even if the rebuilt door may be constructed of superior materials than the previous one, the cabinet box’s overall construction will remain the same. Moreover, contractors frequently fail to install new doors at all. They reface and refinish the original door, leaving you with nothing more than the old cabinets you had at the beginning. However, kitchen cabinets West Palm Beach will try to improve the general outlook of your kitchen cabinets.


If you only refaced damaged cabinets, you would continue to have the damages and perhaps any degradation to the inside or construction of the original cabinets. Refacing makes little sense when your old cabinets are already deteriorating or poorly constructed. Additionally, refacing does not address structural problems with corrosion in your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you may replace kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look and do away with the damage. Stores kitchen cabinets West Palm Beach offers the best deals.

Bottom Line

Kitchen cabinets complete your kitchen’s design and are essential to any kitchen. A good kitchen cabinet design is also crucial for efficiency and easy movement in the kitchen. You may replace kitchen cabinets or reface them to improve efficiency around your kitchen. Best kitchen options like White Shaker Cabinets have the best deals for you!