26 May 2022
sink installation

hen finishing your kitchen, the sink is one of the most important installations to consider. It has so many aspects that it may get confusing, and you might end up wondering which kind you should choose. There are different sizes, materials, dividers, and depths; however, before finalizing these factors, it is best first to decide if you prefer an over-countertop sink or an under-countertop sink.

Most people go with over countertops for their looks and many over countertops for their longevity. Both the sinks have their merits and demerits, and you should choose the one that would best suit your needs and requirements.

Let’s discuss the two of them in detail, so you can easily compare.

Over Countertop Sink Installation

An over-countertop sink is the one that sits directly on top of the countertop. It has a few different names, including overmount sink, drop-in sink, or top-mount sink. It comprehensively covers the counter, preventing any moisture leakage and mold.

Let’s examine the merits and demerits of over countertop sinks:


  • Installable without professional help.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly, even with professional installation.
  • Works well with any countertop material, even porous ones.


  • The level surface of counters may be interrupted due to raised edges.
  • Collect water and crumbs along the sink edge, which may result in mold.

Under Countertop Sink Installation

Under countertop sink installation is the process of installing a sink under the counter. The result is that the sink’s edge is slightly below the countertop’s level. Such type of sinks is commonly known as undermount sinks and has three different types:

Positive Reveal Undermount Sink: countertop ends before the sink’s edging, forming a ledge

Negative Reveal Undermount Sink: countertop hangs over the sink

Zero Reveal Undermount Sink: countertop and sink edges are in alignment.

Let’s examine the merits and demerits of under countertop sinks:


  • Looks clean and attractive in the kitchen.
  • Offers extra counter space.
  • The mess stays in the sink.
  • Ideal for cleaning large pans and pots.


  • Typically, more costly.
  • Counter edge is susceptible to chipping because of heavy dishes.
  • If not properly sealed, water can leak between the counter and the sink.
  • Risk of damaging wood countertops.
  • Better used with water-resistant countertops such as marble, granite, etc.
  • No DIY installation.

Few Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Few considerations to help you choose the right sink for your kitchen:


Choose a kitchen sink material based on durability, budget, and functioning.

Recommended sink materials: stainless steel, fireclay, granite, and quartz.


As discussed above, there are different types of sinks available. Ensure the sink you choose goes well with other elements such as countertops and cabinets.


Ask yourself how many sink bowls you need. If you do dishes by hand or cook often, you will probably prefer a sink with two or three bowls. However, keep note that a single bowl can accommodate larger objects more easily.


Choose the sink depth depending on your preference. However, keep in mind that deep sinks occupy more cabinet area while slightly shallow sinks may have a restricted area.


Size your sink not only according to your budget and needs but also your kitchen size. In short, make sure the sink is well proportioned for your kitchen.

Get a New Sink Installation with Kitchen Cabinets Only

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