11 Aug 2022
Granite countertop in the kitchen with cherry wood cabinets

The countertops that are present in your kitchen are one of the main features that determine the aesthetics of the space and how well it holds up with daily use. If you want a hardwearing material, granite and concrete are top materials to review and compare. Here are a few of the main differences between both options.


Granite and concrete have different appearances and work with various styles of kitchens. Granite countertops in West Palm Beach FL have a sleek appearance with a glossy finish, which makes them look more upscale. They’re available in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s easy to be more selective with granite countertops and create a unique look that complements the fixtures and kitchen cabinet West Palm Beach that are on display.

Concrete has a more industrial look that works well in minimal or modern homes that have clean kitchen cabinet West Palm Beach decor. The gray color is bold and hides crumbs and dirt easily, making the surface look cleaner with daily use. The different styles available are limited, but the material can be tinted in any color or pattern.


Both granite and concrete are known to be highly durable because of their density, which allows them to hold up well for many years. The materials aren’t prone to developing stains and are easy to clean, making both options low-maintenance. Granite and concrete are resistant to scratches and are highly resistant to heat, making it easy to place pots and pans on the counter without worrying about damage. Over time, granite countertops require periodic sealing.

Over time, concrete countertops in West Palm Beach are prone to developing cracks, which can affect their structural integrity and appearance. As a result, you may need to schedule repairs every few years to maintain their quality. Although granite countertops can develop small chips, they’re quick and easy to repair yourself without needing to hire a professional.


The cost of granite and concrete countertops is similar. Granite countertops in West Palm Beach FL start at about $35 per square foot, and concrete starts at $65 per square foot. Granite countertops are more affordable for those who have a larger countertop surface area and want to stay within a budget. There are higher labor costs that come with concrete countertops in West Palm Beach because they’re considered to be an artisan product.


The installation process differs with both granite and concrete countertop materials. Because of the size and weight of granite, it has to be installed in multiple pieces by a company like Kitchen Cabinets Only. Concrete can be poured and doesn’t have any seams because it’s all one piece. However, casting and curing the material is an extensive process.

Once you understand the main differences between granite and concrete countertops, it can allow you to make an informed decision and transform the look of your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more about the different countertop materials available and schedule an appointment with our team.