15 Jul 2022
White kitchen cabinets

It’s pretty much inevitable that you will hear “shaker kitchen cabinets” at some point if you have recently been interested in improving the storage space in your kitchen or bathroom. Shaker characteristics are unique and leave a striking impact in any kitchen that claims them. We have a timeless elegance that gives kitchens and bathrooms a traditional elegance. Including them in modern remodels is gaining popularity.


A shaker will cost more than flat panel cabinets because they require more material and skills to build. Additionally, you must invest additional money in the setup process, as it takes time and skill to complete. On the other hand, flat panel cabinets use much less material. So, using these panels to create kitchen cabinets will substantially lower the cost. Plus, their installation cost is relatively low. While it will cost much to buy white shaker cabinets, they have good features and aesthetic features.


The most significant distinction between white shaker cabinet and flat cabinets is their general appearance. Shaker cabinets feature a recessed panel in the middle, giving them an antique appearance. Flat panel cabinets are more straightforward and sleeker, with a more modern appearance.

Therefore, flat panel cabinets are trendy among today’s youth. But does that mean shaker options are out of fashion? No, you can change the style of shaker cabinets by using various handles or knobs.

Installation and Maintenance

Shaker cabinets have recessed parts, making their installation often challenging. Moreover, shaker panels are more expensive to manufacture and use more materials than flat panel cabinets.

However, flat panel cabinets of equal size will be easier to construct with less material, making them more straightforward to install than a shaker. Furthermore, the flat panel cabinets require much less maintenance than shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets have ridges, making it challenging to get into the crevices. However, the door panels of cabinets with flat panels are simple to clean.

Hardware Positioning

Because of their side trimmings, you could experience some difficulty mounting knobs or handles on shaker cabinets. You must fit the handles or knobs into a small area if it is a cabinet door. Additionally, you have much less room to attach the hardware if it is a cabinet drawer.

However, flat panel cabinets may easily adjust the positioning to put the hardware in a suitable spot. Furthermore, owing to the stark contrast with the simplicity of the panel, any hardware will appear much better on cabinets with flat panels. You can try out options when you need a kitchen cabinet in West Palm Beach.


The materials used to construct the cabinet will determine its durability. Initially, recessed panels were constructed of natural wood, which made them last longer. However, nowadays, cabinets are made from synthetic materials, making them less durable.

So, no specific category is superior to the other. As a result, always look at the build-up material if you want durability, regardless of the one you’ve picked.

Final Thought

Shaker cabinets have always exuded luxury. As a result, they continue to be popular despite having wide varieties. However, the simplicity and modernity of flat panel cabinets and their unparalleled ease are gradually gaining popularity, especially among young people.

So it becomes challenging to decide between these two kitchen cabinets. This article has explained the key differences between the shakers and flat panels to help you pick the best one for your kitchen.

If you want to get a kitchen cabinet West Palm Beach or you’d like to buy white shaker cabinets, don’t hesitate to contact us at Kitchen Cabinets Only.